Spreading the Joy of Flowers!

Say hello to a world of more flowers in our gardens

Floragora.kiwi is a site for everyone that grows flowers in their garden. We believe that flowers create joy and the exchanging of flowers and sharing of experiences does as well. Floragora.kiwi is here to help spread the joy!

So, how does it work? It’s simple. If you want some more flowers for your own garden, whether you would like peonies, dahlias or whatever your favorite is, you can either swap flowers with other members, or, if you’ve got space for more flowers in your garden, you can buy them from other gardeners who have their excess plants and seeds for sale.

Everyone who has looked after a garden over the years knows that sometimes flowers can become too plentiful for the garden, but they are simply too beautiful to just discard.

If this describes you, then Floragora.kiwi is the site for you! Simply put up an ad and swap your flowers, seeds, bare roots or bulbs with other members and get some new flowers back in return. Or, if you simply don’t have any more space in your garden, just put a price tag on your flowers and sell them to others.

Floragora is a company registered in Denmark as Floragora IVS (a limited liability company) with registration number 37549517. The company is subject to all Danish and European Union regulations.


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