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Floragora is striving to bring together garden owners and local communities across several countries, enabling them to swap, give-away, sell and buy flowers, seeds and plants. Floragora has been launched in Denmark ( and in New Zealand (

The end goal of Floragora is to enable gardeners to source new plants in their local area.

Floragora is a truly scalable platform allowing for international scope and multiple possible revenue streams, such as subscriber fees, advertising and escrow fees.

The scalability arises from the fact that the flowers that people grow in their gardens are to a large extent the same across many countries, so the site can be localised across multiple markets, replicating the exact same features in each country.

As of now, Floragora is not actively seeking investors; however, interested investors are welcome to contact us.

If you would like Floragora to contact you regarding any future issue of shares to investors or to discuss a more specific investment proposal, please complete the form below. However, we will only respond to the extent that the enquiry discloses the identity of the person or entity behind the enquiry.