A true story about a sharing economy

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  • Founder Thomas Pedersen
  • Phone: +4560629390
  • Email: press [at] floragora.kiwi

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About the idea

Floragora was launched in 2016. The story behind the site is simple:
It began in 2015, when Thomas Pedersen, the founder of Floragora bought a summer cottage with a cottage garden. As Thomas established the garden, he found that he preferred to buy large quantities of perennials from private sellers who were removing them from their gardens. Then, over time, he discovered that he had way too many Irises in his own garden and he didn’t know what to do with them. To make more space, Thomas dug those up and put them in buckets in temporary storage, but quite a few of them faded away and were lost.
This got Thomas thinking. Wasn’t there a way for garden lovers to swap, sell and buy plants from one another? After some investigation, he found that no one had yet created such a comprehensive garden community.
Increasingly, Thomas was becoming more and more of a garden lover himself and through this, he found that growing your garden was not just about seeing beautiful flowers grow, but also about sharing your joy and experiences with others.
So, when a web developer asked him if he had any upcoming projects, Thomas put the two things together – the need for an online community where people could exchange plants and the desire to help spread the joy of growing and sharing flowers – and came up with the idea for Floragora.

About the timing

At the time of launch of Floragora, the notion of a sharing economy was already widespread covering everything from homes to cars. Also, there already existed in many cities, events where people could swap and/or sell flowers. So basically, developing a flower sharing economy website was in many ways close to the behaviour garden lovers already displayed. Furthermore, having a well-designed, interactive medium of exchange for the flower and garden community brings much more joy and pleasure than just enabling people to do basic plant transactions.
Floragora is much more than a zero-sum transaction site. The purpose behind it is to make it possible to share the joy of gardening in more respects than just swapping, selling or buying flowers. The objective is also to create a community where people enjoy sharing images, ideas and good advice about gardening with one another. Floragora is a way to feel connected through flowers.

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