Indian Hawthorn Shrub

Rhaphiolepis indica

I have over 10 of these various sizes, from 1 - 4 years, some in pots. this plant self seeds very easily. Happy to swap and open to what you may have :-). "Distinguishing Features: a shrub growing 1.5 m tall. its leathery leaves (3-8 cm long) have sharply toothed margins, particularly in the upper half. its white or pinkish flowers (10-15 mm across) are arranged in dense clusters at the tips of the branches. these flowers have five petals (5-9 mm long and 4-5 mm wide) and numerous stamens. its rounded fruit (5-10 mm across) turn from green to bluish-black or purplish-black in colour as they mature."

profile avatarBy: Emele
Quantity: 10
Colour: White
Category: Plants
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Location: Tauranga


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Saturday, 08 Feb 2020

Beware, birds spread this very easily, it has become a pest in my garden.I’m in northland.

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Wednesday, 30 Oct 2019

I bought this at Whangarei growers market and it has become a pest. Birds distribute seeds and I’m forever pulling them out. Be very careful. 1 is lovely.

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Wednesday, 13 Sep 2017

the flower is awesome