Scabiosa Seeds

Scabiosa caucasica

This is such a beautiful and interesting flower....See pic for volume of seeds for trade - I figure one of these envelopes (16.5 by 9cm) posted should be a good trade giving loads of seeds. I wont take them off the flower head to trade (too much work) but you can see the seeds in the pic. I harvested these seeds in March 2017 and sowed them 30 Sept and now have some lovely new seedlings - (see this pic too), so I am confident the seeds are good to go. The flowers are just great in the garden and the plant we had was over a metre tall - we had so many flowers of varied in colour (see pics of last summer's flowers) I took this off a description on a web page selling seeds - "These perennial Scabiosas produce large flowers with delightful fluffy centres in shades of Lavender, Lilac and White. Long flowering and a very good cut flower. Maturity second season from transplant." I figure for a trade we could just cover the postage each way :-). I am interested in any seedling you may have to trade - let me know. I also have loads of other flower seeds so let me know what you'd like - I may have it :-)

profile avatarBy: Emele
Quantity: 20
Colour: Other
Category: Seeds
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Location: Tauranga


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Monday, 26 Feb 2018

Do they grow ok in colder area?
If so am keen.
What kind of dahlias you into?

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Wednesday, 17 Jan 2018

The bees and butterflies love these plants too.Good to grow for them.