Help spread the joy

At Floragora, we strive to spread the joy of flowers. We sincerely hope that everyone using the site will contribute to that by simply remembering to be nice to members and then they will be nice to you.

Be clear

If you haven’t made up your mind whether you want to buy or swap a flower, just be honest about it. Being honest in your transactions means that you will avoid getting a less favorable rating from other users.

Discuss quantity

To avoid misunderstandings, it is a good idea to discuss quantities for the plants you would like to swap, sell or buy. If this isn’t possible, just talk about approximate quantities so both parties get a common understanding of how many items you intend to exchange.

Agree on how to transact

Remember to talk about how you want to make your transaction. Would you prefer the other member to pick up flowers directly from your address? Or would you rather ship, by post or other method? Perhaps you’d like to arrange to meet up somewhere? Remember, if you choose to deliver directly to someone else’s garden, you’ll most likely have a good chat and maybe build a relationship, which can lead to many more swapping agreements.

Be transparent on cost

If you offer to ship, it is important to be clear about any extra costs it might incur. Everyone understands that it takes a little extra time and effort to prepare flowers for shipping. That, as well as the freight, will add cost to the total transaction. It is easiest to be fully open about it.

Add that extra comment 😉

If you ask a question and you get an answer, we suggest that you acknowledge the answer whether or not it is what you hoped for. Most people using Floragora are just here because they like to share their interests in gardens, so let’s make it a good experience for everyone 🙂